11 Jun 2012

Tuesday June 12th

11 Jun 2012



Dead lifts

Clean Pulls

Full Cleans

Do all the deadlifts before moving on to the clean pulls, and then finish with the full cleans…same reps for all movements.


Fight Gone Bad Style…

3 Rounds of…

Front squats (95/65)

Toes 2 Bar

Box Jumps (24/20)

Zone Diet Meals

Here is a great source for those of you looking for new breakfasts, lunch, dinners, and snacks…It is the Zone Diet, which is similar to the Paleo diet.  There are less restictions in the Zone diet to what you can eat, but you will need to measure your food.  Most of the battle for any diet, or as I like to call them eating plans, is what to eat, and how much.

The language is a bit different too. It speaks in terms of “blocks” for meals and snacks.  2.3.4 block meals and 1 block snacks.  Most women are going to be around 11-15 blocks and most guys are going to be around 16-22 blocks.  If you would like to know exactly how many “blocks” you should be eating in a day just ask one of the trainers and they can help you get that number.

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