03 Nov 2018

Just Kipping It Real | Issue 2

03 Nov 2018

What is the purpose of CrossFit?

-Alicia Staton

Is it to sculpt the perfect physique, allow the civilian to tackle the bad guy, or lift 1000 lbs? CrossFit has changed the way most people view fitness. The aim of CrossFit has been to develop human capacity in areas such as stamina, strength, balance, coordination, agility, power, accuracy, speed, endurance, and flexibility. The prescription for CrossFit involves “Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement”. Functional movements include universal motor recruitment patterns; moving from core to extremity. These “functional” movements are natural, life required, bodily positions that use multiple joints to execute. The next component is the intensity by which the functional movements are performed. Intensity by CrossFit’s definition is power. Load x Distance divided by Time

Finally, to round out the definition we must constantly vary the stimulus so that adaptations are also highly varied; hence the phrase, “we specialize in not specializing”. To break it all down, CrossFit is hard because we are always changing the game. CrossFit is effective because a time domain drives us forward-far from our comfort zone.

Two months left in 2018
What will you accomplish?

If you start today, you can be 2-months closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. What are you committing to? Set up a goal setting session and we can help design a plan with you!



Nutrition coaches

Marissa and Alicia are available to sit down with you to learn your goals and help create a customized nutrition strategy to help maximize your results.
Contact them: CFSVnutrition@gmail.com

Real Food = Real Results

Check out this white chicken chili recipe:

White Chicken Quinoa Chili

All HSN recipes can be found on the MyFitnessPal App. Ask nutrition coaches how to find them!

HSN Launch…

Beginning January 7th, the CFSV nutrition coaches will launch the kick-off the

Healthy Steps Nutrition challenge.

The challenge is designed to give a large group of people exposure to the foundations of this program. It’s not about quick fixes. It is about making lifelong changes and receiving support from both members and coaches to help you along the way!

Sign-up starts mid December




Gone are the days of the “8×8” rule (8-8 oz glasses of water a day) for water consumption.  This recommendation was originally suggested in 1945 by the Food and Nutrition Board — now part of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).  The recommendation is often misinterpreted to mean pure water consumption, not taking into consideration the water consumed in food and other fluids as well. Now the NAM recommends letting thirst guide your water consumption shooting for 15 cups for the average adult male and 11 cups for the average adult female.If these numbers sound daunting, know that water can also come from the foods you ingest and not just solely from drinking water.  Keep in mind that water needs vary tremendously by individual, and are dependent on numerous factors such as activity level, geographic location, breastfeeding, and temperature. In fact, most people will be adequately hydrated at levels well below these recommended volumes.

So, what should your hydration goals be as a CrossFit athlete?

Prevent dehydration to avoid poor performance, but do not over hydrate because that can also lead to dangerous side effects. Signs and symptoms of dehydration and over hydration are similar and may not give you an accurate hydration status.  Instead, hydration status biomarkers are easy to calculate and this method is well documented in research.

Are you hydrated?

Weigh yourself prior to exercise and then post exercise.  If you gain weight, you are considered to be over hydrated.  If you lose between 0-3% of your body weight you are considered euhydrated or normal and if you lose more than 3% of your body weight, you are considered to be dehydrated and it is at this level where performance diminishes.


Congratulations to the first hand picked members to trial run Healthy Steps Nutrition program. We are so excited to see you learn behaviors that will improve your performance, help you lose weight, and enhance your daily life! We will keep you posted on their progress and share their stories in our next month’s newsletter!  Regular sign-ups for HSN begin December 1st.
Listed below are the 3 options to get started with HSN.


Nutrition Package
$85 | 60 minutes

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • InBody 570 scan and analysis
  • Printed nutrition resource
  • One week of meal plans
  • Goal evaluation


Nutrition Package
$199 | 4 weeks

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • 4 weeks customized meal plans & grocery list
  • InBody 570 scan and analysis
  • Comprehensive nutrition handbook
  • Goal development and action steps
  • Discuss calorie and macronutrient guidelines
  • HSN app access and group messaging board
  • Follow-up visit



Nutrition Package
$169/mo | 3 months

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • 4 weeks customized meal plans & grocery list
  • InBody 570 scan and analysis
  • Comprehensive nutrition handbook
  • Goal development and action steps
  • Food log review with nutrition coach feedback
  • HSN app access and group messaging board
  • Weekly virtual check-in for continued support
  • Follow-up visits 1x per month

Did you know?

Your InBody scan will give coaches the information to provide you with a customized daily caloric goal to support lean mass and promote weight loss


New Equipment at the box

2 Rogue Echo bikes

3 benches

5 additional 26# KB’s

50# and 60# D-balls

70,50,& 35# Dumbbells



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