Just Kipping it Real | Issue 3
05 Dec 2018

Just Kipping it Real | Issue 3

05 Dec 2018


-Alicia Staton

Don’t let the holidays claim your body this year. Keep in mind a few things to power through and keep up on your overall health both physical and mental.

  • Give sleep the time it deserves. Late night shopping and wrapping presents can ruin your next day leaving you less motivated to eat right and exercise. Get 8 hours!
  • Enjoy time with your family doing something active, whether it’s a walk outside, sledding, ice skating, or dancing find something to do together besides eat.
  • Drink lots of water The dry air steals moisture from your skin. Keep hydrated to allow all of your body systems to operate smoothly.
  • Don’t let “THE HOLIDAYS” become your excuse for not hitting the WOD. Make it a priority. It will give you more energy and keep you accountable to eating right. No one wants to feel shitty in the gym after eating like crap.
  • Keep the focus on love. Love in your heart will lower your blood pressure and help you feel fulfilled and joyful.

Paint & Wine EVENT

Creative Fix & Co. is coming to the gym with her artistic talent and our enthusiasm this event will be a great time.  The event is December 9th at 3pm.  You must pre-register.  The link to pick out your design and sign up is on ur Member’s Only Facebook page.  Please feel free to send the link to a friend.  Let’s gather for a good time with great people.

Our Focus

-Dan Staton | owner

Owning CFSV for over 10 years is a dream come true.  Somehow over the last decade I’ve met my wife, started a beautiful family, and created a community of likeminded hard workers.  I pinch myself often.  When you started your journey with us perhaps you were looking for something new and exciting like CrossFit.  Maybe you heard that the results are undeniable.  Maybe you like the idea of walking around sore all the time.  Whatever your WHY was, it is fairly common for that reason to shift or evolve.  In my own journey I started because it was always challenging and I was confronted during every training bout with giving my best effort, especially when I was working alongside trustworthy peers.  That has not changed, but the volume of my training has been reduced to a third of what I used to do.  I still get sore from time to time, but most days I am full of energy and ready to tackle the next workout of the day.
Trying to get to Regionals or even the Crossfit Games was a quest that many of us took head on.  We as a box have been to 8 regionals, qualified for 2 CrossFit games as a team, sent a Master’s athlete twice, and just this last year had two Individual Games Athletes represent our box.  That’s something to be proud of sure, but it really isn’t what we hang our hat on.  Competitive athletes would flock to our box because that was our culture, but fortunately we came to our senses.  We realized that in order to make it to the games it required massive sacrifice, certainly most of your spare time.  We woke up quickly to this concept and adjusted our programming and culture.  To be a games athletes is just not that much fun in my opinion, you have to be so driven and focused that truly training, nutrition and recovery is your fun…you have to completely enjoy the process or you will be miserable.  Most games athletes need to train 2-3 sessions a day.  Doing regular classes won’t cut the mustard.  You need time, energy and resources to train and travel.  CrossFit Inc. finally woke up too and is currently putting the Games on the back burner and reeling in its focus on fighting off disease through a healthy lifestyle.  That’s what CrossFit truly is, the best way to stay strong and improve your longevity and quality of life.  That is where our focus shifted as well.  We are about the 99% that are just trying to squeeze in some time to workout, eat healthy 80% of the time and remember to get enough sleep to recover.  Raising a family, working full time, and getting some time to CrossFit requires juggling and a touch of hustle.  We know because that’s what we experience everyday.  We know it can be expensive, require time and energy, but the payout is so powerful that not being a CrossFitter is more costly over the longterm.
So where do we go from here?  For me, CrossFit is never boring.  There’s always a weakness to address and there’s always a little more in the gas tank if you just dig deeper.  So when you come to the box make it the best hour of your day.  Forget the bullshit for 1 hour, do our warm-up (short or long), refine your movements, be coachable, and have a hungry attitude towards the workload.  You have a finite number of workouts in your life.  The hour starts and the hour ends.  What happens between those time stamps are up to you.  Give all that you got.  Effort earns respect.  Keep a healthy balance of training, nutrition and recovery.  Know that we at CFSV are focused on you and where you are at, simply because we want you to be the best version of yourself for the longterm.  Thank you for being apart of our community, we champion hard work and we know you’ll do the same!
Keep hustling, it is my love language!
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