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Adult Gymnastics Class


Sunday 12:00-1pm with Coach Matt Russell

Cost: Free for MEMBERS

About the Gymnastics/Balance/Body Control Class

Safety of the athletes is top priority. There are scaled movements and progressions that will be catered to each athletes ability. You can take things at your own pace. Consistency before intensity. There is a big emphasis on play and a lighthearted environment. You can try new things without being judged.

A portion of the time is dedicated to work on specific CrossFit skills such as; toes to bar, muscle ups, butterfly pull ups, handstand push ups, kipping, rope climbs, dubs, peg board, ect . It is a great opportunity work on a skill that has been out of your reach.

The class is a great fit for an active rest day or as a workout. You can improve your mobility, strengthen your joints, protect your body from injury, all while gaining freedom in your body!