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Coach Jeni

Jeni Davaz

Jeni was born and raised in Spokane. She’s just a mom trying to keep up with her almost adult boys! They’re super active which mean she needs to be fit enough to go on adventures with them. She has a love all things bikes: mountain, gravel, road bike. She’s always down for any type of riding! She also love being near water…river, lake, pool? She’s in! She has a master’s degree in education and teaches 5 th grade in the Central Valley School District.

She started coaching in 2012. She loves helping people realize what they are capable of! She will push people to do their very best, and her favorite part of coaching is witnessing when something clicks!

Favorite WOD: Open WOD 19.3
Lunges, Step ups, and Handstand pushups!
Favorite Lift: SNATCH ALL DAY!
Favorite Cheat Meal: Cheeseburger and tots from Zips
Sports Background: She grew up playing softball and racing BMX against the boys. As an adult she took on volleyball and indoor soccer. She used to race triathlons as often as she could, and she
got into CF when she wanted to try something new in the off season of triathlon racing.