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Coach Johnny

Johnny Stephens

Johnny is from Anchorage, Alaska and is currently attending GU for a bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology. He intends to pursue a career in physical therapy. He spends lot of time at the gym both coaching and training, but he loves any outdoor activities and sports. If he’s not being active outside the gym you can usually find him training in the gym. But really he just enjoys spending time with the CFSV community while connecting with current and new members of the community.

He started coaching in 2015 when he was just a senior in high school. As a former athlete he wanted to help people improve their lives in the best way he knew… exercise and physical activity. Coaching CrossFit has been his platform to help others.

Favorite Lift: Snatch and any snatch variation
Favorite Cheat Meal: Any kind of pastry or just more food in general
Sports Background: 12 years of competitive hockey, 4 Years varsity hockey and track and