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Coach Johnny

Johnny was born in San Antonio, Texas and raised in Anchorage, Alaska (he’s Alaskan), where he attended Robert Service High School. He played competitive hockey for 10 years, as well as varsity hockey and track and field for his high school. After graduating in 2016 he spent one year at University of Alaska, Anchorage before transferring to Gonzaga University, where he is currently pursuing a B.A. in Human Physiology.

Johnny received his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification in 2015, during his senior year of high school. He started coaching at CrossFit Alaska soon after, and coached there for almost two years until his move to Spokane in August of 2017. During his time coaching at CrossFit Alaska, he also acquired his USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaching certification. He is now in the processes of receiving his CrossFit Level 2 Trainer certification.

Activity is a major part of Johnny’s life, being involved in sports and outdoor activities (just casual Alaskan stuff) for most of his childhood (although still viewed as a child by Dan Staton and company). He found CrossFit in 2014 as a way to stay in shape for hockey during the summer, but it quickly became paramount in his training as he began loving it more and more. After graduating high school and as his hockey career was ending, CrossFit became a way to stay active and fill his competitive spirit coming from hockey. But he loves CrossFit for more reason than that. He loves the major community aspect of CrossFit, and the bonds and friendships that are made by suffering together through a particularly nasty workout. He finds that most of his friendships are now made at the box, talking to other members before, during, and after workouts. The box has become a second home for him. Outside of CrossFit he is either in class, or waiting to go back to the box.