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Coach Presta

Aryn Presta

Aryn was born and raised in Montana and graduated from Gonzaga University. Aryn is certified in Pilates after a 1.5 year program requiring 500 hours of teaching both individual and 1:1 classes as well as mentoring. This opportunity allowed her to see the value of moving well to support any and all activities from sitting to standing to running to biking. When she dropped in for a class at CFSV, the value of moving well combined with functional fitness was locked in. Aryn is a wife, mother of two busy boys, and is full time self-employed in real estate and consulting. Her desire to seek balance and have control in her relationships and day to day and wringing the most out of each of these aspects is something she strives to bring to the athletes within the CFSV community.

Quality over quantity is a mantra her dad required she say each day when she woke up and are words she still lives by. She is honored and driven by creating an opportunity for the best movement, best experience, best hour and beyond out of our athletes. She is fueled by smiles, laughter, seeing pride on the faces of our members, and coffee!

Aryn started coaching in 2017.

Favorite WOD: Open WOD 17.5
10 rounds for time of 9 thrusters and 35 double unders. Such a Presta workout!
Favorite Lift: Cluster
Favorite Cheat Meal: Burgers and Beer
Sports Background: Some level of activity and/or competitive exercising has been a part of her life since the age of 3. Beginning on the ski slopes in the winter months and competitive swimming year round, softball, and soccer got her through to college. Long distance running and
triathlons kept her motivated until she found CrossFit 4 years ago.


  • Certified in Pilates