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Functional Stability / Injury Prevention Class

About Functional Stability / Injury Prevention Class

Efficient Does Not Mean Optimal…

This class is designed to help you enhance your stability in day to day activities as well as in sports performance by enhancing movement patterns through stabilization. By addressing alignment, strength, mobility, and dynamic motor control, you can maximize your training to reach optimal performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

The body adapts extremely well to stress and daily demands to improve efficiency of the body. Imbalances in mobility, strength, and dynamic stability can result in compensatory patterns that then open the door for increased injury potential. The class will be designed to compliment the movements that are focused on in the gym’s weekly programming.

Prior to joining the class, you will need to schedule a 1 hour postural and functional movement assessment. This assessment will provide both you and the CFSV coaching team an awareness of imbalances and injuries that may feed into stability and mobility issues. These can have a direct impact on your progress and ultimate success in the gym. Pictures will be taken to track your progress.